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By combining the world of software engineering with artificial intelligence, we created EVA9. EVA9 creates intelligent smart EV charging software solutions that are easy to use.


We combine the world of electricity and software engineering in SMART EVA9 technology. With this technology, we create the simplest and fastest way to charge electric vehicles. Our software solutions make the unthinkable possible.


EVA9 is used to communicate with and integrate our systems and products. This advanced software ensures, for example, that our charging stations handle the distribution of electricity more efficiently and intelligently. EVA9 even offers the possibility for custom integration within your own charging network or parking management.


With EVA9 large amounts of information can be processed simultaneously, complex tasks are easy to execute and systems, charging points and sensors can be read individually. For example, you can automatically switch off certain charging stations, distribute the energy intelligently among EVs and integration with your own payment system, QR codes or advertisements is possible.


EVA9 is able to store all kinds of information in the cloud, such as unique ID-numbers of the cars that load. This ID-number is linked to the EVA9-account of the user or the (lease)company that makes the payments.


A fitting example of what the systems and devices with EVA9 are capable of is that electric charging points can supply power to cars at precise moments in time. As a result, charging moments can be planned in, energy can be distributed more economically and intelligently, and cars that are parked for only a short time can be given priority over cars that stay there longer.


We are currently busy developing several software applications. Do you want to stay informed about the latest releases? Then sign up and stay up to date with the latest news.